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Initiative Related to the 22 CSR Focus Points

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The Bridgestone Group has identified 22 CSR Focus Points as a way to remain committed to our unwavering CSR activities throughout the Group. Following the 22 CSR Focus Points, we engage in CSR activities in the context of PDCA ("plan," "do," "check," "act") process in order to achieve the objectives outlined in the Group's Mid-term Management Plan.

Fundamental CSR Activities

Focus Point 1
Securing stable profits as a business
Focus Point 2
Ensuring a thorough understanding of and adherence to compliance
Focus Point 3
Ensuring business continuity
Focus Point 4
Communicating with stakeholders

CSR through Business Activities

With Customers

Focus Point 5
Providing attractive, high-quality products and services
Focus Point 6
Technological innovations that generate new value
Focus Point 7
Development of products and services based on customer input
Focus Point 8
Commitment to fair business practices and competition

With Business Partners

Focus Point 9
Fair procurement activities
Focus Point 10
Enhancing CSR procurement

With Shareholders and Investors

Focus Point 11
Returning profits by enhancing corporate value
Focus Point 12
Disclosing information in a timely and appropriate manner

CSR through Environmental Activities

With Customers

Focus Point 13
Contributing to the conservation of the environment through products and services
Focus Point 14
Contributing to environmental conservation throughout the supply chain (procurement, production, distribution, and sales)
Focus Point 15
Contributing to the environment through social activities

CSR from Social Standpoint

With Employees

Focus Point 16
Continued enhancement of job satisfaction and pride
Focus Point 17
Enhancing workplace safety and health, and employee health management
Focus Point 18
Respect for diversity
Focus Point 19
Respect for fundamental human rights, including the rights of children and others, to be free from forced labor

With Society and Communities

Focus Point 20
Developing social activities to build a sound and sustainable society
Focus Point 21
Encouraging employees to do volunteer work in their communities
Focus Point 22
Helping realize a safe society