Toward Recovery from Disaster

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The Bridgestone Group views the support of regional communities affected by natural disasters to be part of its social mission. Once again, the Group expresses the deepest condolences for the deceased and offer the sincerest sympathies for all those affected by disaster. Going forward, the Group will continue to provide a variety of reconstruction assistance based on disaster conditions and needs in the stricken areas. The Bridgestone Group sincerely hopes for a swift recovery of the people and areas affected by disaster.

Bridgestone Groups Reconstruction Assistances and Relief Efforts for Disasters

Year Disaster Bridgestone Group’s supports
2020 COVID-19 Bridgestone Group: 1.3 million dollars*1
2019 Typhoon Hagibis 2019 (Typhoon No. 19) 10 million yen
2018 Sulawesi Earthquake P.T. Bridgestone Tire Indonesia, P.T. Bridgestone Mining Solutions Indonesia : 280 million Indonesian rupiah
2018 Lombok Earthquake P.T. Bridgestone Tire Indonesia : 200 million Indonesian rupiah
2018 Heavy rains in West Japan 10 million yen
2017 Hurricanes in America Bridgestone, Bridgestone Americas Inc. : 1 million dollars
2017 Heavy rains in Kyusyu 15 million yen
2016 Kumamoto Earthquake 20 million yen
2015 Heavy rains in East Japan 10 million yen
2014 Ebola Hemorrhagic Fever Bridgestone : 54 million yen
Bridgestone Americas Inc. : 500 thousand dollars
2013 Typhoon in the Philippines Bridgestone : 10 million yen
Bridgestone Asia Pacific P.T. Ltd. : 50 thousand Singapore dollars
2013 Sichuan Earthquake Bridgestone : 15 million yen
Bridgestone (China) Investment Co., Ltd. : 300 thousand yuan
  1. As of May 1, 2020

Employee Volunteers for the Reconstruction of the Disaster-Stricken Areas

Kumamoto : Volunteers removing dirt and wreckage in a residential area

East Japan : The Damaged Buildings Repair Project

COVID-19 Relief Efforts


The Bridgestone Group volunteers in several locations used 3D printing to produce face shields for health care and other front-line workers. As of June 9, they provided more than 5,800 face shields and more than 700 ear savers to local medical professionals.

Bridgestone Retail Operations donated 840,000*1 dollars to the Boys & Girls Clubs COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Bridgestone Mexico, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Brazil and Argentina supported local programs to provide food and hygiene products for more than 2,300 families in need.

Europe, Russia, Middle East, India, and Africa

The Group provided health care workers with free emergency tire repair in Spain, vehicle sanitizing services in Ireland, and protective vehicle covers in France.

In India, the Group prepared and provided food and other essentials to 9,500 stranded truck drivers trying to reach home during the nationwide lockdown.

Bridgestone Europe, Russia, Middle East, India, and Africa launched its B-Well@Home platform to provide employees and their families with movement, nutrition, mindfulness, sleep and effectiveness tips.


Bridgestone produced 100,000 non-medical masks per week for internal use and donated 300,000 masks to local governments where its facilities are located.

The HQ office, together with Bridgestone China, donated 430,000 dollars to the China Charity Federation and other provincial charity organizations to assist with COVID-19 relief and recovery efforts in select municipalities throughout China.

Asia, Oceania and China

The Bridgestone Group hosted blood donation drives in Taiwan and Thailand, collecting 130,200 c.c. of blood.

In Vietnam, the Group produced 20,000 coloring books for partners and employees to help keep children engaged during the lockdown.

Bridgestone Group in Thailand has pledged funds to the Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, the organization driving national efforts in research and development of a vaccine.

Across the region, the Bridgestone Group has donated 437,000 dollars in cash and 203,000 dollars donation in-kind (medical equipment to hospitals, personal protective equipment to local government, food to local communities, tires to frontlines, sanitizers to dealers, customers and local communities).

Bridgestone China Asia Pacific locations used social media to provide tips and useful information to encourage people to stay safe and healthy.

  1. Including donations from our customers and partners for Boys and Girls Clubs of America through the Driving Great Futures program.