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Interview with Global CSR Enhancement Committee Chairperson / Key Person Interview

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Interview with Global CSR Enhancement Committee Chairperson

What is your role as GCEC chairperson?

My role is to help facilitate the efforts of the Working Groups (WGs), to give them guidance from a global enterprise perspective of the Company’s strategy and then to allow them to find ways to influence the strategy from the perspective of CSR. I provide encouragement,high level direction and support to the members of the WGs. Often I step back and ask, “Are the WGs in fact delivering on their missions?” From my vantage point, I am able to observe cross-cutting themes and challenges, provide support, and help teams ensure they’re performing consistently within their approved missions.

How do you see CSR for Bridgestone after launching “Our Way to Serve”?

There is a good deal of excitement and energy around “Our Way to Serve” as a simplified and enhanced CSR initiative With “Our Way to Serve,” we are able to clearly define the areas where we as a company can contribute and really make a difference, which I see as one of this new initiative’s primary benefits.

What is the next challenge?

To continue to build on “Our Way to Serve” in a way that incorprates evolving social needs. We need to make sure that as society evolves our CSR focus evolves so we can better address the enhancing needs. We also must ensure that we don’t lose momentum. Right now , there is energy around “Our Way to Serve,” so we need to maintain that energy and focus so we can build on it. Those to me are the primary two challenges. Although we had a successful launch in 2017, but that is just the beginning and the first baby step of a long journey. We must truly integrate “Our Way to Serve” into Bridgestone’s culture and into everything that we do.

Key Person Interview

Yuichi Nakada

Vice President and Officer
Japan Tire SBU Business Planning,
Japan Tire SBU Quality Management and Chief Quality Officer,
Japan Tire Concurrently COO, Japan Tire SBU
Bridgestone Corporation

“Our Way to Serve” is deeply ingrained at Japan Tire as a guideline for longer-term business planning and improvement activities. Japan Tire is helping to solve customer problems and social issues throughout the value chain to prepare for the coming mobility society and the dramatic changes in industry and social values.

James DeMouy

Vice President of Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability,
Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

We are aligning our global environmental priorities to be consistent with the global business activities of Bridgestone and to achieve our longer term “Our Way to Serve” objectives. Our immediate challenge is supporting the roll-out and implementation of the Global Sustainable Procurement Policy.

Martha White

Vice President, Human Resources and CSR,
Bridgestone EMEA

We are a very broad and diversified region. Thanks to “Our Way to Serve” which serves as a clear guideline, our extended CSR network of colleagues and committees are now aligning their projects related to our People priority area. They are focusing on impactful projects that address health, safety and education issues in our communities. Today, we are also working on ensuring we link our activities with the goals and KPI’s defined by the UNSDG’s.

Paul Choo

Vice President, Human Resources & CSR,
Bridgestone Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.

As a part of the Bridgestone’s global CSR & Sustainability team, I am privileged to contribute to the continuous improvement of our distinctive CSR and Quality Management (Safety/Disaster Prevention, Environment, and Quality) activities. In our home base of Asia, the End-of-Life Tyres (ELT) challenge is a pressing issue, and we need to find solutions that offer a positive impact for the environment and local communities.

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