A message from Global CSR Enhancement Committee Chairperson

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The Bridgestone Group takes a holistic view of sustainability. While the environment is one important aspect of these initiatives, the Company’s purview is far wider and deeper. That’s why the Group launched Our Way to Serve in 2017, built upon three Priority Areas and six Management Fundamentals. It is also why the Bridgestone Group launched the global Code of Conduct and global policies on Human Rights and Sustainable Procurement in 2018. Because they are foundational to achieving the ambitious goals the Group set for itself, development and implementation of the Code and policies were recognized with a Bridgestone Group Award in 2019.

Our Way to Serve will succeed only if all the Bridgestone Group employees are engaged. In 2018, the Group surveyed employees around the world to understand their awareness and support of the global CSR commitment and learned that:
• 72% are aware of Our Way to Serve;
• 71% believe Our Way to Serve is important for the Bridgestone Group; and,
• 61% understand the Priority Areas.

A little over one year into this journey, the Bridgestone Group is encouraged by these findings, as well as the work to date, and looks forward to further embedding Our Way to Serve in the Company’s culture. The intent is that Our Way to Serve informs the Company’s work and becomes part of its DNA. Key to doing so is the engagement of leaders on the Global Executive Committee, Strategic Business Unit Presidents, members of the Global CSR Enhancement and Global Quality Management committees, and the Bridgestone Group employees around the world.

The Bridgestone Group is especially proud of the collaborative work it has done with other members of the Tire Industry Project , part of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development , to launch the Global Platform for Sustainable Natural Rubber (GPSNR). Together, GPSNR members, including participants from the natural rubber value chains and many NGOs, are moving the industry toward even stricter standards around human and land rights, protection of biodiversity and water resources, improved yields, and increased transparency and traceability. Being a part of important initiatives like this is another way the Bridgestone Group is fulfilling the Company’s Mission of “Serving Society with Superior Quality.”

The Bridgestone Group is also proud of and excited to share progress in the Mobility, People and Environment Priority Areas, as well as the Management Fundamentals in this Sustainability Report. Thank you for your continued interest in the Company’s work.

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