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What's New

Bridgestone to get Approval for Boeing 737-900ER

Boeing has approved
Bridgestone main tires
for its newly developed B737-900ER.

Tokyo (November 17, 2006)--Bridgestone Corporation obtained the final approval for Boeing 737-900ER main tires from Boeing on August 16, 2006.

Bridgestone has already been awarded as a supplier for original equipment tires for this newly developed model and will start to produce its tires from October 2006 and to supply Boeing with its tires for factory installation based on this approval. The tire is of course available for replacement tires for this model as well.

In addition, Bridgestone nose tire Part No. APR05102 is also available for replacement tires for this model.

Here below are the main specifications of Bridgestone tires for B737-900ER.

Main (Part No. APS06030)

Size H44.5x16.5-21
Ply Rating 30
Speed Rating (MPH) 235
Rated Load Lbs. 48,400
Tire Weight Avg. Lbs. 207.0
Certification CAB (Japan), FAA (USA), EASA (Europe)

Nose (Part No. APR05102)

Size 27x7.75R15
Ply Rating 12
Speed Rating (MPH) 235
Rated Load Lbs. 9,650
Tire Weight Avg. Lbs. 31.6
Certification CAB (Japan), FAA (USA), EASA (Europe)

Bridgestone manufactures new aircraft tires at its Kurume Plant in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. It operates aircraft tire retreading plants at another site in Japan and in the United States, Belgium and Hong Kong. Bridgestone provides airlines with seamless, global support for all of their product and maintenance needs in tires.

Bridgestone Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, is the world's largest manufacturer of tires and other rubber products. Tires account for 80 percent of Bridgestone Group sales worldwide. The company also manufactures industrial rubber and chemical products, sporting goods, and other diversified products. It sells its tires and other products in more than 150 nations.