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  Tire Terminology
  1. Apex strip:
A triangular piece of stiff rubber which is fitted onto the bead core to taper the rigid bead into the flexible body plies in the sidewall.

2. Aramid cord protector:
The tire is constructed with an aramid ply insert between the tread and the top belt to prevent damage to the tire belts.

3. Bead heel:
Outer edge of the bead.

4. Bead toe:
Inner edge of the bead.

5. Belt plies (Nylon cord):
Angled belt plies which serve to add strength to the tire especially in the tread area.

6. Belt plies (High modulus cord):
Belt plies which serve to add strength to the tire especially in the tread area.

7. Chafer strip:
Protective layer of rubber and fabric which prevents chafing between cord body plies and the wheel.

8. Carcass plies:
Layers of rubber-coated fabric plies which have the cords running radially from bead to bead. These provide the tire with strength in the sidewall area.

9. Innerliner:
A sheet of low permeable rubber laminated to the inside of the first casing ply of a tubeless tire to insure retention of air when tire is inflated.

10. Ply turn-ups:
The turned-up ends of plies around the bead. Other plies lock the ends into place.

11. Rim line:
A line provided near the beads to allow inspection of how the tire fits with the rim.

12. Sidewall:
The side area of the tire located between the shoulder and the beads. Composed of rubber, it protects the carcass from damage.

13. Tread:
The functions of the radial tread are the same as those defined for the bias tire.

14. Undertread:
A rubber layer provided for use in retreading the tire and which provides adhesion of tread to the tire carcass. Bridgestone makes this rubber layer thick enough to ensure a high number of retreads.

15. Wire beads:
Two wire bundles (one for each bead) which help to maintain the shape of the tire and anchor it securely to the rim.

16. Venting hole:
The hole through which gas is vented from inside the carcass plies.

* Balance marker
A balance marker, consisting of a red dot, is affixed on the sidewall of the tire immediately above the bead to indicate the lightweight point of the tire.

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