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Electro-MaterialsHigh Performance Film “EVA SAFE”

High Performance Film “EVA SAFE”

Advanced technology paving the way to a new world of laminated glass

1. Multipurpose uses of EVASAFE


  1. Extremely high transparency
  2. Outstanding heat, humidity and ultraviolet ray durability and long-term reliability
  3. Additional advantages: It can be stored at room temperature and processed using low-cost equipment, is highly adhesive to materials other than glass and has excellent sound insulating properties in the high frequency range.

Open edges

The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation


Open edges
Open edges exposed to the weather can be laminated.

Pedestrian bridge deck

Theater sign

Decorative glass
can be combined with imprinted PET film

Entrance canopy - Tokyo International Exchange Center

Monorail station

Perforated steel
Glass can also be laminated with perforated steel reinforcement material.