Conveyor Belt


Pipe Conveyor Belt

1. Introduction of Pipe Conveyor

PIPE CONVEYOR is a modern and environmentally friendly transport system solving numerous problems associated with conventional conveyor system, i.e. spillage of materials, limitations with regard to steep incline and curve layout, etc.
PIPE CONVEYOR also manages to transport difficult materials, i.e. powder and/or materials that are similar to liquid.
BRIDGESTONE is the pioneer of the PIPE CONVEYOR system since acquiring patents and rights from Japan Pipe Conveyor Co. Ltd. in 1987 and has around 1000 supply records worldwide since the 1980's.

2. Structure of Pipe Conveyor

Conventional Conveyor

BRIDGESTONE pipe conveyors are available for 150mm to 700mm diameter with both fabric and steel cord carcass belt.

3. Characteristics of Pipe Conveyor

Thanks to its characteristics, Pipe Conveyor has been installed for various applications and used for transporting materials such as coal, iron ore, alumina, petroleum coke etc.

4. R&D and Performance

BRIDGESTONE is the only company that has the know-how in both the Pipe Conveyor Belt and the Pipe Conveyor System.
The compatibility of Pipe Conveyor Belt with Pipe Conveyor System is the most critical aspect in terms of minimizing the operational problems.
An under-designed belt may cause belt deformation while an over-designed belt can lead to excessive power consumption and damage to both belt and system.
Bridgestone collect data from the biggest number and variety of word-wide references and utilize it for further development and performance gains.
To achieve the best performance of Pipe Conveyor Belt & System, we have been using FEM analysis for development purposes.
Therefore, BRIDGESTONE can provide optimized solution programs based on our professional knowledge and technical know-how.

5. Supply Record

Pipe Conveyor has been used in various industries including power plants, steel mills, cement plants, refineries, bulk terminals etc. Please refer to the supply record below.


Bridgestone have alliance partnership with material handling companies all over the world.
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