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The 18th Shanghai International Automobile Industry Exhibition (herein after Auto Shanghai 2019)

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The premium SUV car tire for sporty on-road driving performance.

(Also exhibiting BMW X5 equipped with ALENZA 001)

Exclusively engineered for sporty on-road Flagship SUVs to maximize the performance potential on both wet and dry roads, designed as low-fuel consumption and advanced wear life for premium SUVs.

The premium car tire for dynamic touring.


TURANZA, Bridgestone’s dynamic touring tire, has the sophisticated balance of comfort, assurance and driving performance premium car drivers desire.
This innovative tire was developed working closely with global car manufacturers.
In addition to exquisite comfort at high speed over long distances, TURANZA delivers excellent wet-road performance, contributes to fuel efficiency, and offers long-life wear.

Eco-friendly tires through advanced tire technology.


Introducing lineup of low-fuel consumption tire "ECOPIA" which maintains features such as safety and driving performance together with reducing rolling resistance which will contribute to in lowering CO2 emission.

The premium on-road sports radial motorcycle tire


The BATTLAX HYPERSPORT S22 tire boasts improved dry grip and lightness coupled with sufficient wet performance. These features provide sport bike riders peace of mind when the weather suddenly deteriorates or when driving on wet surfaces.


Foreseeing a world free of tire punctures.

Air Free Concept Tire
Air Free Concept Tire

With a unique structure of spokes extending along the inner sides of the tires, Bridgestone’s Air Free Concept Technology means tires do not need to be inflated to support the vehicle’s weight.
Recyclable resin and rubber are used, ensuring efficient use of resources.
As the need for daily maintenance is eliminated, Bridgestone aims to apply this technology to various forms of personal mobility, including bicycles.

Creation of Next-Generation Material that Combines the Pliability of Rubber with the Toughness of Resin

High Strength Rubber (HSR)
High Strength Rubber (HSR)

Bridgestone has developed the world’s first polymer to bond rubber and resins at the molecular level. HSR boasts levels of durability and abrasion resistance that eclipse those of natural rubber. For this reason, HSR is a promising next-generation tire material with the potential to create tires that achieve the required levels of performance while using less materials.

Supports the young engineers who shapes the future

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Bridgestone World Solar Challenge
Beijing Institute of Technology's solar car that participated in the 2015 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is a biannual international solar car competition, crossing 3,000 km across the Australian continent.

Bridgestone has been a proud title sponsor since 2013, and also provides ecological and safe technologies to the teams, supporting the challenges of the young engineers and their technological innovations.

Name of the vehicle: Sun shuttle-II(光梭2号)
Team name: Sun Shuttle(光棱车太阳能汽车团队)
University: Beijing Institute of Technology

ECOPIA with ologic ECOPIA with ologic
ECOPIA with ologic

With ologic technology, tire width is minimized to lower aerodynamic resistance and the diameter is increased to reduce rolling resistance.
Ologic improves fuel efficiency of cars, which in turn lessens CO2 emissions, contributing to sustainable mobility.
At the same time, Bridgestone's technological competence has also led to the evolution of materials, tire structures, and tread patterns to boost braking performance for improved safety.