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Chongqing International Auto Parts and Service Exhibition 2018.

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Eco-friendly tyres through advanced tyre technology.

ECOPIA with ologic Logo ECOPIA with ologic
ECOPIA with ologic

With ologic technology, tyre width is minimized to lower aerodynamic resistance and the diameter is increased to reduce rolling resistance.Ologic improves fuel efficiency of cars, which in turn lessens CO2 emissions, contributing to sustainable mobility.
At the same time, Bridgestone's technological competence has also led to the evolution of materials, tyre structures, and tread patterns to boost braking performance for improved safety.

The Bridgestone World Solar Challeng
The Bridgestone World Solar Challeng

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is a biannual international solar car competition, crossing 3,000 km across the Australian continent.

Bridgestone has been a proud title sponsor since 2013, and also provides ecological and safe technologies to the teams, supporting the challenges of the young engineers and their technological innovations.

Foreseeing a world free of tyre punctures.

Air Free Concept LogoAir Free Concept Tire
Air Free Concept Tire

With a unique structure of spokes extending along the inner sides of the tyres, Bridgestone’s Air Free Concept Technology means tyres do not need to be inflated to support the vehicle’s weight. Recyclable resin and rubber are used, ensuring efficient use of resources. As the need for daily maintenance is eliminated, Bridgestone aims to apply this technology to various forms of personal mobility, including bicycles.

Fleet solution for customers by contributing into safety and cost-saving aspects

“Bridgestone Toolbox,” a digital platform for mobile field services
“Bridgestone Toolbox,” a digital platform for mobile field services

Bridgestone is providing high-quality products and services linked to safety through new tire management, tire maintenance and tire retreading. These support customer (fleet) business with looking ahead to their needs. We will introduce "Bridgestone Toolbox" which is a digital platform for the management of customer’s tire related assets.

Retread Tire
Retread Tire

Introducing solution tire, “retread tire” which use less oil resorce than new tires and performs like new tires at a fraction of the cost.

Introducing Bridgestone Group’s technologies that provide extended mobility and help contribute to a more sustainable society.

Run-Flat Technology Tire Logo Run-Flat Technology Tire POTENZA S001 RFT
Run-Flat Technology Tire POTENZA S001 RFT

TURANZA, Bridgestone’s dynamic touring tyre, has the sophisticated balance of comfort, assurance and driving performance premium car drivers desire.
This innovative tyre was developed working closely with global car manufacturers.
In addition to exquisite comfort at high speed over long distances, TURANZA delivers excellent wet-road performance, contributes to fuel efficiency, and offers long-life wear.