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Enhancing CSR procurement

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Create value to society through sustainable procurement practices
We are committed to creating value and continually working toward a sustainable society to realize long-term environmental, social, and economic benefits by incorporating the following into our entire supply chain:
  1. 1. Transparency
  2. 2.Compliance
  3. 3.QCD & Innovation
  4. 4.Sustainable Procurement Practices

Initiatives Designed to Promote CSR Procurement

The Bridgestone Group pursues CSR procurement through a Supply Chain Partnership Development System framework, which improves the overall competitiveness of the Bridgestone Group and our business partners.

As part of this effort, Bridgestone establishes and distributes the CSR Procurement Guideline, which includes aspects of human rights and labor, occupational health and safety/disaster prevention, the environment, fair trade, information security, and contribution to society, to our business partners, and procurement initiatives are carried out accordingly. Also, we created a CSR Self-Check Sheet consisting of approximately 400 questions based on the CSR Procurement Guideline, to which we ask our business partners to respond in order to ascertain the status of their CSR procurement. When necessary, we also provide support through CSR Seminars and visits.

Procurement Information

Holding Conferences to Explain Procurement Policy

Bridgestone holds an annual conference to explain procurement policy to ensure that business partners understand Bridgestone procurement policies.

In 2015, 119 companies attended the conference. Information pertaining to the business environment surrounding the industry as well as our strategy for mutual improvements to overall supply chain competitiveness was shared with suppliers. The status of Supply Chain Partnership Development System activities was discussed as one aspect of improving competitiveness. Business partners were asked to make voluntary CSR improvements in cooperation.

We received comments from participating business partners, such as "Clear guidance was provided, enabling a deeper understanding," and "Activities undertaken were explained in an easily comprehensible way, enabling understanding of the most important points." The conference has been a good venue to share important information about procurement with our business partners.

At the conference, not only Bridgestone quality, environmental, and safety and prevention initiatives, but also information on tires, chemical, industrial and other products were explained to facilitate wider understanding of Bridgestone's businesses.

Also in 2015, Bridgestone Group held a conference for natural rubber-related business partners in Southeast Asian countries, which was attended by 36 companies. In addition to this, conferences were held for 18 new suppliers of raw materials besides natural rubber in the Asia region. Bridgestone Group will continue to promote these activities going forward.

Global Rollout of the CSR Self-Check Sheet

In 2015, the Bridgestone Group continued its efforts to promote a better understanding of our CSR activities on the part of business partners, distributing CSR Self-Check Sheets and the CSR Procurement Guideline to business partners not only in Japan, but also in Europe, Southeast Asia and China. These sheets cover the issues of human rights and labor, occupational health and safety/disaster prevention, the environment, fair trade, information security and contribution to society.

To support our business partners' voluntary improvement activities, Bridgestone visited the production sites of our business partners to provide proposals on improvements based on the business partner's completed Self-Check Sheet and to offer advice as part of their on-site environmental assistance.

In 2015, the CSR Self-Check Sheet indicated that 96% of Bridgestone's business partners had started CSR activities. Going forward, we will continue to work closely with our business partners to make improvements to CSR initiatives being undertaken across the entire supply chain.

Holding CSR Seminars

Bridgestone holds CSR Seminars for business partners selected based on the results of their CSR Self-Check Sheet, in support of their efforts to improve the level of CSR activities.

In 2015, we held CSR Seminars for 108 companies. Each seminar featured lectures on topics such as human rights and labor, the environment, fair trade, import and export compliance, occupational health and safety/disaster prevention, information security and quality.

In addition, Bridgestone Group holds CSR Seminars for natural rubber-related business partners in Southeast Asia. The seminar targeted 36 companies in 2015.

Going forward, Bridgestone will continue to support activities that enhance the CSR activities of our business partners through these seminars and other methods.

[Overview of CSR Seminars]

Basic Course

  1. Description of the seminar's purpose (Theme: conducting CSR procurement activities)
  2. Fair trade (Subcontract Act of Japan)
  3. Fraud prevention
  4. The Environment (promoting environmental activities throughout the entire supply chain)
  5. Human rights and labor (issues pertaining to labor and workplace management)
  6. Occupational health and safety/disaster prevention
  7. Information security

Extended Course

  1. Explanation of CSR Workshop goals
  2. The Environment
  3. Health and Safety/Disaster Prevention
  4. Quality

Offering On-Site Environmental Assistance to Business Partners

Bridgestone has begun offering on-site assistance to business partners whose CSR Self-Check Sheet results indicated environmental initiatives that needed improvement since 2009. In 2015, Bridgestone sent employees from environmental-related departments to four business partners' worksites to review their environmental initiatives and propose advice to their improvement.

The business partners who received this assistance made comments such as "This was very worthwhile, and will be helpful when considering future improvements." In addition to ensuring business partners are engaged in initiatives with the usage of the CSR Self-Check Sheet, Bridgestone works with business partners to improve the level of CSR activities throughout the supply chain. We plan to continue offering this on-site environmental assistance.